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Production of sodium aluminosilicate is a process that takes place in Kidričevo. The annual output of several thousand tons of zeolite, makes the company Silkem d.o.o. one of the key manufacturers for various types of zeolite - e.g. for adsorption of gases, for quick moisture adsorption (a drying agent adsorbs 25% of moisture in one hour), etc.

All products based on zeolites are made in Slovenia and are ecologically impeccable. The concern for the environment takes place during production and also after the overuse of the product. After using it, this product isn't toxic and can be used in the garden in order to retain the moisture of the plants.

In addition to the characteristics of the product, the price is also very important. We have to expose that the product ABSORBIO has double effect: in addition to drying, which is the basic protection against moisture, it also adsorbs odor.
Competitive products based on silica gel and clay, don't have double effects.



Comparing to ASORBIO, silica gel has good adsorption capacity of water. The drawback of silica gel is rather high price and the problem of waste water in the production.


The clay has up to 35% LOWER adsorption capacity than ASORBIO. The problem of clay is constant adsorption, because it is a natural mineral and its characteristics highly depend on the location of the deposit.


The advantage of ASORBIO is that the product is synthetic (sodium aluminosilicate - zeolite) and has constant characteristics. Its production doesn't present a risk for the environment because the product is environment friendly even after it is saturated with moisture. Adsorption can be adaptable, according to the needs of a costumer, what is also important for the price of the production. The main and decisive reason to buy ASORBIO is undoubtedly the DOUBLE EFFECT - the adsorption of MOISTURE and ODOR.
50g bag of Zeolite
50g bag of Zeolite 

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