Our company

Gorimpex d.o.o. was founded in 1992. The company produces food products (food additives) as well as non-food products (moisture and odor adsorbents). We have more than thirty years of tradition of packaging products to protect final products exposed to the atmosphere.

In order to ensure the quality protection of products against deterioration it is very important to have good protection, not only against moisture but also against bad odor. The main focus on all of our NEW products is the PRODUCT ECOLOGY and its PRICE, in comparison with the competitive products, such as silica gel and clay.

Ecology and economic efficiency

The focus on ecology and economic efficiency of our products, presents our basic orientation - a vision for the functioning of our company. Professional competences of our employees and external associates ensure, that the vision of our company is achieved. The connection between the University (research institutions) and the company is the key to achieve the successful development of adsorbents. The main proof to our success are continuous researches and development at both, drying agents as well as the packaging in which we store the adsorbents.

Our main purpose is to offer products to highly demanding as well as less demanding costumers, at affordable prices. We would like to point out that we already cooperate with pharmaceutical industry, electrical industry, computer science and with less demanding mechanical and metallurgical industry.

Our products

We would like to suggest to our clients that before they make a purchase, they come to us or contact Silkem d.o.o. for an advice about the purchase of the selected adsorbent. Why? We can help them make the right choice and by doing that, they will SAVE A LOT OF MONEY.
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