Presentation of products

Gorimpex is engaged in the packaging of moisture adsorbents since 1992. During the first years of our functioning we have manufactured products based on silica gel, later we also used clay. In order to increase the adsorption of moisture we also used, e.g. calcium chloride, mixed with another substance. The problem occurred when the bag became damp. Hygroscopic calcium chloride changed its form from solid to liquid state. The result of this change was the dissolved calcium chloride spilled on the products that were supposed to be protected against moisture. This was the main reason why we deprecated the production.

For industrial applications

We cooperate with the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana (Project manager of the development assignment was prof.dr. Stane Pejovnik). Within our cooperation we decided to manufacture product based on zeolite, which will adsorb moisture for industrial application.

Production of sodium aluminosilicate - zeolite, calcination and granulation is being successfully carried out in the company SILKEM d.o.o. The final stage of production (packaging) is carried out in the company GORIMPEX d.o.o. We pack in different packaging materials. We can offer our customers customized products, according to complexity of the security of finished products from atmospheric moisture. Our packaging line has been established in the most modern and most affordable way what means that we are ahead of our competition, as far as moisture and odour adsorbents concerned. In both companies the development is being carried out constantly and with trust.
We expect the market penetration of this product.

EU Project

Our EU project includes different tasks which we divided among companies. Silkem d.o.o. has production and calcination of zeolites, Handt-ost d.o.o. produces furnaces for calcination and Gorimpex d.o.o. is engaged in tableting of zeolite. Our task is also to provide an inert protection for bags against moisture what has a crucial importance in the storage phase.

Tableting is the process where zeolite is being formed with compression and without any additional components, so it doesn't lose the ability to adsorb moisture and odor. Inert protection is a process where products are being packed (one, two or arbitrary number of bags according to customer's order) in a foil which is impermeable to moisture and which maintain the properties of the product in the storage phase.
10g bags of Zeolite
10g bags of Zeolite 

Our products

We would like to suggest to our clients that before they make a purchase, they come to us or contact Silkem d.o.o. for an advice about the purchase of the selected adsorbent. Why? We can help them make the right choice and by doing that, they will SAVE A LOT OF MONEY.
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